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Banbury Heating Supplies are providers of a large range of plumbing & heating sundries including insulation, copper, plastics & steel tube fittings, valves, fixings, consumables and any other plumbing items you might require to install, or repair existing plumbing.

A huge range of pipes, gas boilers, oil boilers and tools are also kept in stock or are available for quick delivery. If you're a plumbing and heating engineer, or if you're a member of the public that's unsure what parts you need - we're here to help and advise you.

Pipe Insulation

Don’t forget your pipe insulation! Not only does it protect pipework against frost damage – it also conserves energy – very important in this day & age. We keep foam pipe lagging for diameters from 15mm up to 54mm - in various wall thickness and in two different grades and we also keep a small range of foil backed lagging for that ‘boiler room’ look – so we should have you covered for most pipe insulation needs.

Insulation we supply include Tubolit DG and ArmaFlex by Armacell.

Tubolit DG features closed cell polyethylene insulation. Energy losses are greatly reduced (by up to 80%) and CO2 emissions are reduced. It's a flexible product that is simple to install and protects pipes against aggressive building materials, preventing condensation on cold water pipes. Tubolit DG is available in sizes from 15mm up to 54mm and in 9mm, 13mm & 25mm thickness.

ArmaFlex provides professional insulation for premium condensation control. Its very easy to install and no additional vapour barrier is required. This insulation also features antimicrobial protection and superb fire safety mean this product can be used in public, as well as domestic buildings. ArmaFlex is available in sizes from 15mm up to 42mm and in 9mm & 13mm thickness.

Our friendly staff are extremely knowledgable regarding plumbing issues and are available to advise you regarding your purchases. We're proud to have served local plumbers and the general public with all their plumbing requirements for over 25 years!

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